The Skin and its Parts:The Integumentary System

Introductory PowerPoint

epidermal layers - images from class - help with identifying cell layers and making your model

Skin Structures PowerPoint

Link 1:Website for an anatomy lab that has information and slide images of skin. There is information here beyond what we have covered in class, but it does have helpful information.

Link 2: Information presented by text, with a nice vocabulary list, and skin diagram. Good information.

Link 3: Site with many images of skin, and good desrciptions of the layers. Also discusses skin appendages

acne site

Skin Appendages Power Point

hair site

Case Study Question Set 2 for November 6

Excerpt from online that provides slide images, and assistance to identifying tissue types represented in the skin

Skin Function Power Point

Skin Wellness and Illness PowerPoint

Case Study 4 solution